Yeker Information Technology Co., Ltd

Yeker Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yeker") is an independent r&d innovative technology enterprise with wireless Internet technology as the core and supported by audio-visual processing and screen application control. It is a professional OTT, IOT solutions and product design provider.
The main business of coconut shell includes intelligent Internet box, intelligent wi-fi speaker, intelligent picture frame, intelligent home appliance control module, intelligent home appliance wireless control terminal and other products and solutions customized development, further customization and sales of core components.
The research and development team of coconut shell has more than 10 years of experience in electronic product development and has rich experience in software and hardware development, including circuit design, circuit board planning, system and application software (UI, UE) design and test, and a whole set of plans and product development and design process.
Coconut shell has strong supply chain integration ability, and has good cooperation with upstream core component suppliers, which lays a good foundation for us to provide customers with perfect and efficient services. After years of accumulation and development, coconut shell has successfully developed numerous successful product cases for many famous brand customers at home and abroad, and established good cooperative relations with customers. 

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