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Good at business

  • Smart home industry

    It's so easy to get home after a day's work!

    When you get home from work, the air conditioner has been turned on in advance, the water heater has been heated, and the rice cooker has been boiled......

    It is the goal and dream of intelligent family to satisfy people's comfortable life with intelligent technology。

  • Electronic information industry

    Chip is the future development and application prospect of AI, which basically describes the future intelligent life for us

    The blueprint. It's deep management of the system hierarchy。

  • Agriculture - farming

    a:Low investment, fast growth, high yield, high yield。

    b:Unified intelligent control mechanical feeding, much more light, labor and time - saving。

    c:High nutritional value, a wide range of feeding 。

    d:Improve the ecological environment and promote the development of ecological agriculture。